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‘Oh Tuscany’ – The Final Video from the ‘Love Italy’ EP Released

October 28, 2022 | Videos

One week after the Love Italy EP was released, we’re excited to share the fourth and final music video for “Oh Tuscany,” a song inspired by Louis Emory’s first trip to Italy in 2017:

We had a rental car and were driving in rural Tuscany when we lost reception – our GPS stopped working, and we were lost. We started back-tracking and saw a barrel next to a dirt road with a hand-painted sign that read ‘Wine.’


We decided to follow the road, which led us to the tasting room of Querceto di Castellina, a small, family-owned organic winery in Chianti, where we were met by Laura, the family matriarch who told us stories about her life and the winery. The wine and the whole experience were unforgettable, and two years later, my wife and I got married and had a small reception dinner right there on the tasting room terrace.

(Note: You can read this story as well as the stories behind all six songs in the V13 Track-by-Track feature published yesterday.) 

The music video for “Oh Tuscany” is a special one: the only video not filmed and edited by Emory’s wife, Raeanne Wright-Emory, it was shot primarily in Troy, New York by talented videographer and editor Geoff Arbuckle. Including stunning stock footage from every corner of Tuscany, the video also incorporates beautiful scenes from the Querceto di Castellina promotional video, produced by Cloudjam and filmed by Ivan Forastiere and Nicola Micheli. 

Check out the video – and all of the Love Italy music videos – on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe, as we plan on releasing behind the scenes features from our recent trip to Italy over the next year!

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