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‘Love Italy’ Gets Rave Reviews from Indie Boulevard (UK)

January 20, 2023 | Press

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We kicked off the New Year with two great album reviews. Just a few days after RGM Press (UK) said the Love Italy EP was perfect for a “…lazy Sunday afternoon listen,” another UK magazine, Indie Boulevard, raved about the EP:

Light acoustic riffs like a warm breeze, drums and bass parts like the best wine and the singer’s voice like a best friend will take you to the most beautiful places in Italy.

We couldn’t agree more, and felt that the folks at Indie Boulevard really got the music. When you work on a project for several years, it’s so refreshing to hear these kind words – especially when we originally set out to create a pleasurable, transportive listening experience.

“‘Love Italy’ is an antidote to bad moods and an example of confidence in the purity of songwriting and performance.”


Thank you, Indie Boulevard. Thank you. 🙏

Read the full EP review on Indie Boulevard:
LOVE ITALY by Louis Emory and The Reckless Few

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