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‘Love Italy’ EP Featured in Live Venice Magazine

October 27, 2022 | Press

Live Venice features Love Italy EP

While visiting Venice in early October, we sat down with Riccardo Gelli of Live Venice, a local publication for visitors which emphasizes unique, quality content in both English and Italian. Prior to COVID, Live Venice was a printed publication that was distributed to over 700 local hotels; Today, the magazine is completely digital, serving as a prime online resource for travelers looking for information and inspiration as they plan their trip to the lagoon.

Gelli had expressed interest in the Love Italy EP, and after chatting that afternoon about the project, he decided to feature the music in one of his columns! Not only did we enjoy talking with Riccardo about Venice and life in Italy, we were super excited and honored that he wanted to recommend the music to travelers looking for something to enhance their experience.

So, today we are super excited to share our first press from Italy, “The Soundtrack Of Your Journey Through Italy,” by Riccardo Gelli himself – currently featured in the “Events and Music” section of Live Venice:

“The musical sensations and emotions from the long-awaited ‘trip along Italy’ have given life to Love Italy, a captivating travel fresco in the form of a six-track EP. ”

Read the full story on Live Venice here: The Soundtrack Of Your Journey Through Italy

The article, which was published on October 27, 2022, also features a link to the music video for “La Serenissima” – the Love Italy EP’s tribute to Venice. Be sure to check out the video for “La Serenissima,” – which we filmed on location in Venice last summer – on our YouTube channel.

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