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‘Love Italy’ Interview with Louis Emory in Italian America Magazine

February 3, 2023 | Press

Italian America Magazine Winter 2023 Chazz Palminteri on cover

“I enjoy the process of putting all the pieces together. I spent a lot of time trimming and shaping the verses, and it all just came together. When that happens, it’s fantastic.”

– Louis Emory

Late last fall, Louis Emory sat down with editor-in-chief Andrew Cotto of Italian America Magazine. The interview, which focuses on the release of the Love Italy EP and its inspiration, was published in the 2023 Winter Edition of the printed publication. Not only are we thrilled to be featured in the most widely read quarterly for people of Italian heritage in the United States, it’s also pretty wild to be in the same edition as the great actor Chazz Palminteri who played Sonny in the 1993 film A Bronx Tale.

Emory said, “My friends and family loved A Bronx Tale growing up and learned a lot of life lessons from it… ‘The saddest thing in life is wasted talent’ still rings true to this day! Thank you so much Andrew and Italian America Magazine!”

Love Italy article in Italian America Magazine Winter 2023

Physical copies of the magazine are only available by subscription at OSDIA (Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America): Subscribe to Italian America Magazine

If you’d like to read the full article, you can download a PDF scan of the Love Italy interview below – provided here with permission. Be sure to say “grazie mille” to Cotto and Italian America Magazine team by visiting and following their page on Facebook!

Download and read the full interview:
LOVE ITALY: Music Inspired by Il Bel Paese

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